Tansource (TDL) is one of North America's junior resources develpment consulting,new technique promoting& trading company bringing rich major capital from China industrial manufacture into steel raw materials procurement, energy and mine project investment as well as promoting the latest new Eco-friendly technologies and recycing products applied in china industry . Through our 18 year experiences on the metal and oil&gas industry, we have built a solid base of developing and trading inventories as well as finding out high quality assets with low risk projects. We continue to seek opportunities incurred by the acquisition, industry consolidation, development, synergies and all other means to maximize returns to our clients. Strong relationship with China industrial sector and technical spreaded postion drive our team's commitment to provide long term, above average results for our Clients among different social economical area.  Tansource development Ltd. was formed in October 2007 as a private company headquartered in Calgary where the oil&gas developing centre is consolidated by its long history and continuing contributions to national economy. Western Canada including Alberta is becoming the engine of the economy leading the direction of the prosperity in the world which has been planed by provincial and federal government.TDL is managed by the proven team of professionals that have created an extensive inventory of raw material commodity and projects. We continue to aggressively grow the company using these internally generated opportunities and professional service to identify and secure the long term value for our respected Clients
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