Our engagement of business of Tansource Development Ltd is focused on four main operating areas where the new technology application ,mine resource exploration, oil&gas resource investment and international trading&sourcing activities are consolidated by professional team. All are predominantly lower risk development assets with potential wide application in China market and playing types that have already proven to be successful in contributing to the past growth of beneficiary party.

The Eco-friendly technology service are exclusively implemented in China oil& gas sector.The metallurgical slag treatment tchnology is new processing technology innovated by China steelmaking company to meet the requirements of the envirmental and resource sustainable situation.The catalyst produced with full complexing features is gradually applied in oversea oil&gas upgrading facilities for the sulfur recovery units. and we will facus on catalysit application in Canadian oil&gas centre. 

Our international trading activities are involved in the industrial raw material, petrochemicals and minerals to meet the demands of our customers.the reclaimed rubber business is our primary workable advantage in southeast asia.

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